How much do your wardrobes cost?

All of our wardrobes are made to measure and price depends on size, finish and interior choice. Only a designer can give an exact price but we may be able to provide a rough figure if you provide us with basic measurements and specifications.

Are your wardrobes guaranteed?

Our wardrobes are guaranteed for a period of 10 years. This includes all interior accessories with the exception of electrical accessories, which are covered for a period of two years. Mirror and Glass parts are not included in this guarantee and are covered for a period of 4 weeks after installation.

Can your wardrobes be built around a corner?

Yes, we can install wardrobes around corners and in other unusual places such as rooms with sloped ceilings.
Unusual spaces and dormer rooms. We can install wardrobes in any unusual space or dormer room. We can also install wardrobes around corners.

Can I move my fitted wardrobes to a new house?

Although it is possible, our wardrobes are made to measure so we wouldn’t recommend moving them to another home. If you are selling your home, our wardrobe guarantee is transferrable to the new owner.

What are the benefits of sliding doors over hinged doors?

Our sliding door wardrobes are made to measure and don’t leave unusable gaps between wardrobe and wall / ceiling. Hinged doors also open out and encroach on floor space; sliding door wardrobes don’t. Perhaps the biggest advantage however, is that any space can be used as a wardrobe or storage solution.

Can I get a quote over the phone, online or in the showroom?

It is difficult for us to give you an exact price without seeing the space, but if you provide us with the measurements and specification we can give you a ball park figure. Contact us via phone, online enquiry form or visit our showroom to discuss your wardrobe needs.

Can you design my wardrobe if the room has not yet been built?

We can design wardrobes around your plans, but a designer will still need to visit your room for exact measurements once it has been built. As long as the measurements do not change significantly, there will be no need for changes in design or price.

Do I have to visit a showroom?

You can get lots of ideas from our website and order over the phone if visiting a showroom is not convenient. We can even send you some samples if there are a few finishes in particular you would like to see.

How long does a design visit last?

Our designers should be in and out within 30 -60 minutes if you are only fitting one wardrobe. If you are ordering more than one wardrobe, the visit may take longer.

Does installing a wardrobe make a lot of mess in my home?

While installation will create a little bit of dust and debris, our fitters are very careful to leave your home as clean as possible. There may be some airborne dust that settles after installation is complete.

How long does manufacture and installation take?

Paramount Sliding Doors usually take 3 – 4 weeks to manufacture and install your sliding wardrobe doors, however if the interior is less complex, then it can take 1 – 2 weeks.

Are your glass products made with safety glass?

Yes. All wardrobes with glass in the design use safety glass. Safety glass has a backing that means the pieces do not fall out of the panels if they are smashed, drastically reducing the chance of injury.

Do I need to remove any existing wardrobes or doors that are being replaced?

Yes any existing wardrobes, doors or obstructions must been removed from the installation area.

Do I need to remove any fittings that will be within or close to the installation?

Yes – the area in which the installation will take place must be clear of the following:
    •    Electrical sockets and wires, light fittings or switches
    •    Ariel sockets and wires
    •    Curtain poles or tracks
    •    Radiators
    •    PIR alarm sensors

Does the installer need easy access to my property?

Yes – access and parking facilities for a large van type vehicle is required as near to your property as possible.

How high and wide can I go?

Our sliding doors are made according to the overall height and width of the actual aperture you wish to install the system into.
The maximum height is 2.5m (however depending on the spec, we could go to 2.7-2.8m and there is no limit to width)

What does wall to wall mean?

Wall to wall means that you will run your fitted wardrobe right across a room from one wall to the other.

What is an aperture?

An aperture is the measured space that you’re installing your sliding wardrobe doors into.

Is there a minimum depth?

The minimum depth for the interior is 530mm and 650mm for end panels.

Where do people use room dividers?

We have supplied systems for many different applications. In households we have supplied them to partition off part of a living room to create a dining area. In studio apartments our sliding partitions have been used to create the option of a 2nd bedroom. In an office situation they have been used to create a privacy area. They are also frequently used for walk in wardrobes.


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